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Destiny 2: the 5 Best Weapons for PVE

Five of the best weapons to wipe out all enemies in all Destiny 2 PVE activities, in an updated list after The Whispering Queen.

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The launch of The Whispering Queen and Season of the Reborn – along with various sandbox balance patches – changed much of the things we thought we knew about Destiny 2 OP weapons . As a result, you may want to ditch the kinetic and energy weapons you may have relied on over the past few months and try some new iron. After reminding you of our guide on where to find Regional Chests , here are the five best weapons for Destiny 2 PVE right now.


Supplied with the Deluxe Edition of The Whispering Queen, Osteo Striga is a primary machine gun that fires a wave of “toxic sentient projectiles that track the enemy in the crosshairs”. It also has a perk called Toxic Discharge, with which final hits or multiple precision hits poison nearby enemies.

These elements put together mean this is the perfect weapon for killing waves of enemies in tight spaces and in quick succession. Imagine a wave of Hive Thralls coming towards you in a funnel. Wipe out the first ones with the Striga Osteo and then the poison will spread among the others while you continue to hit them with additional bullets to further enhance the effect.

Osteo Striga is unlocked and crafted through Relic in the Enclave on Mars , and the catalyst is easy to obtain by grinding it to level 10 and reshaping it. Once the catalyst is unlocked, the final poisonous shots reload the weapon. In other words, you will shoot in waves of enemies, poison will spread and get more ammo while the poison does its job, so you can keep shooting. Fabulous.


With recent PVE Exotic Weapon buffs and the Unstoppable Pulse Rifle mod on the Season of the Reborn artifact list, Pandemic Perfected is a worthwhile choice for all kinds of businesses. He will also come in handy in the Disciple’s Promise raid, where his quick hits will help you take down the toughest Scorn enemies.

The Perfected Pandemic Catalyst is now part of the world loot pool, too, which adds potential extra strength to this enjoyable Exotic Pulse Rifle.


A common drop from all kinds of activities, Channel Net is an excellent energy submachine gun, while the Void is the current subclass. Players are already pairing it with the Ascetic SMG, and the Volatile Flow seasonal mod grants it volatile bullets when harvesting an Elemental Source, creating some delightful synergies that will allow you to wipe out vast numbers of enemies wherever you go.

There are some great perks that can be used for this weapon, and since you’ll be unlocking them quite regularly just by playing, you’ll have a good chance of putting together some very appreciable combos.


The Falchion is a new type of weapon for The Whispering Queen, so naturally Bungie wants people to try it. This is probably why Enigma, the Legendary Glaive unlockable as part of the Queen of Whispering campaign, is such a useful weapon.

The basic functions of the Falcione make it useful in all kinds of contexts, whether it is protecting teammates in the safety of its shield or giving melee hits to a few enemies before launching explosive projectiles from a distance. Seasonal mods available at launch make it even more powerful. Suppressing Glaive is a must-have, applying the suppression status to anyone who fires or hits with a melee attack so they won’t be able to shoot or use abilities. That’s a lot of stuff that you can disable an enemy’s Super with a simple melee hit.


Brought back to life for Bungie’s 30th anniversary, the mighty rocket launcher Gjallarhorn isn’t the game-breaking monstrosity it was in the days of Crota, when there was virtually no other way to beat the final boss, but it’s still very strong and has a particularly relevant in a meta where rocket launchers are again the preferred option.

The inherent exotic perk Bullets of the Pack generates small bonus flares that hit the original target after the initial impact, which is still great. But the Hunt in Pack trait means nearby allies also gain Pack Bullets for all their non-exotic rocket launchers. In other words, if you are on a team with Palmyra-B Legendary Rocket Launchers, you are trying to do heavy damage to a boss and one of you has the Gjallarhorn, you will all have the inherent perk of the Gjallarhorn.


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