Thursday, December 1, 2022
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Death’s Door Ultimate Edition can now be reserved at GAME: take all this content from one of the best recent indies

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One of the most successful indie games of the past year will soon receive a special edition that you will only be able to get at GAME. Know everything that Death’s Door Ultimate Edition brings.

The year 2021 brought us a truly standout indie title. We are talking about Death’s Door, a game that collects the mechanics and style of the classic Zelda games and presents us with a world where the curved ones represent death.

With a careful aesthetic full of color and soft textures, Death’s Door has won over many players. If you also want to enjoy this game or just want to get the physical edition, pay close attention to this from GAME stores.

Know that you can now pre-order the Death’s Door Ultimate Edition exclusively in GAME stores , a special edition that has a large amount of additional content that can be yours from October 7. Take a look at everything it brings with it:

  • Death’s Door game (to choose for PS5 or Nintendo Switch).
  • Game Illustration Book
  • Exclusive box of this edition
  • Original soundtrack of the game, created by David Finn.

In case you want to know this title in depth, here you can take a look at our analysis of Death’s Door that we carried out in its day and that we value in this way:

Death’s Door recreates the classic Zelda formula with great success (perhaps even too much), transporting us to a world of intense combat, beautifully crafted locations and charismatic characters, in which death has become an office job. If you are “zelderos”, you will love it.

So now you know, don’t hesitate to get this piece of the game and this piece of edition in GAME stores exclusively. Pre-order Death’s Door Ultimate Edition now on GAME for PS5 or Switch and get all its content.


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