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Davide Fontana, who is the banking and food blogger who killed and massacred Carol Maltesi

They lived in the same court house in Rescaldina, near Milan: the 43-year-old man hid the murder for over two months, using the victim's phone to send messages to relatives who wrote to her. On social media posts against violence against women

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Fontana’s stops to decide where to throw the remains of the killed girl: in February he spent a weekend in a hotel in Darfo Boario Terme. She previously booked an isolated mountain home on Airbnb and tried to burn the body

Davide Fontana also confessed before the judge: a short half hour, to reaffirm, not without difficulty, that he had taken off a burden, finally telling the truth. To “get out of a nightmare that lasted two months” . Those in which, from 10 or 11 January, “I don’t remember exactly” and until 20 March, when he threw them on a slope at Paline di Borno in Valcamonica, Davide Fontana, a 43-year-old bank employee and food blogger , held hidden the remains of the body of Carol Maltesi, 26, a web pornstar known as Charlotte Angie . In the afternoon, the investigating judge of Brescia Angela Corvi validated the arrest and ordered the pre-trial detention in prison in the light of “serious indications of guilt”.

The confession of Davide Fontana

Even in front of her, Davide Fontana referred to the statements made to the prosecutor in the barracks the night between Monday and Tuesday, when he collapsed confessing the murder : committed with hammer blows (and post mortem stabs ) while “we were shooting the second of two videos hard in his house, the most violent ». And the preparatory steps for the concealment of the remains, stored in the chest freezer “ordered on Amazon” . Like the trip from Rescaldina to Valcamonica, in the hotel, «for an inspection. I spent the weekend in the hotel in Boario Terme, there was a spa. On that occasion I went up to Borno via Malegno and went up to Paline. Along the way, I checked for the presence of several useful points to get rid of the body.

Davide Fontana confuses the name of the accommodation, even the precise period in which he would have stayed there, in the first place: he is faced with the complaints of the investigators, which he remembers with precision. They first show him the photos taken from Google, then the analysis of the telephone records of his smartphone: they hook up the cells of Darfo Boario Terme from 10.01 on February 19 to 8.40 on February 20 last . “I confirm that, in fact, that weekend I went to Boario and did an inspection , especially on Saturdays around 11.30-12 in the morning”. There, in Borno, “I used to go as a teenager every summer: I know Paline because I used to pass there when I went on vacation”.

A previous inspection, on the other hand, had been carried out in a hamlet of Cittiglio, Varese, the days following the crime, when the plan for the destruction of the body was different. “ I booked a single, isolated, mountain home on Airbnb. The first time I drove the Fiat 500 (of the victim, ed ) and I stayed two days to understand the logistics. Then he booked again and I brought the bags with the remains. I tried to light a fire in the barbecue area, with alcohol and petrol , but I realized that it was not feasible. And he brought them back, in the freezer, to Carol ‘s house . He is a bewildered person, who hasn’t slept yet andhe is realizing the future that awaits him, ”said his lawyer Stefano Paloschi after the interrogation.


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