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Cucumber juice to lose weight and improve digestion: how to prepare it?

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Food is essential when you want to lose weight, and to achieve this goal there are some foods that favor the diet to lose weight. Cucumber is one of them because it has a high percentage of water and is low in calories.

This plant, which is native to India, but was included in the cuisine of other cultures, is rich in vitamins such as C, E and B complex, in addition to minerals: potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and calcium.

Due to these nutrients, nutritionists include cucumber in healthy diets to lose weight. One of its most used presentations is as an ingredient in salads, but juices are also recommended when mixed with some fruits.

Natural juices provide vitamins and minerals, they are also easier to absorb and digest, on the other hand they help keep the body hydrated and eliminate toxins.

One of the main recommendations for taking cucumber juice is that it has a low calorie content, its consumption provides a feeling of satiety to avoid consuming other foods. “When combined with other fruits and vegetables, it is a juice that can be an excellent support to reduce fat, detoxify the body and activate the metabolism,” says the Better with Health portal.

Cucumber contains fiber that allows intestinal transit to be faster and reduces the effects of constipation . For this reason, this food is considered a powerful ally to balance the digestive function.

In Better To Health , they cite studies that found that fiber helps make bowel movements more frequent, in turn, “nourishing cultures of healthy bacteria in the intestine.”

According to aHOWTO , cucumber is a food that has diuretic effects, since “it favors the elimination of impurities and toxic substances accumulated within our body through urine.”

Thanks to dietary fiber and vitamin C, cucumber is ideal for treating ulcers, preventing heart problems and improving the functioning of the thyroid hormone, as explained by Salud 180 on the benefits that this vegetable brings to the body.

In the face of high blood pressure, cucumber is also a source to control it, as it contains fiber, magnesium and potassium, nutrients that help reduce blood pressure . Specialists indicate that this disease does not usually present symptoms, so it is ideal to prevent it with the consumption of cucumber juice.

Cucumber added to lemon juice is one of the most recommended drinks to lose weight.


  • Half cucumber.
  • 1 whole lemon.
  • 1 glass of mineral water.


Cut a cucumber into two parts, peel one of the two halves, and then cut said half into chunks or slices.

Also cut a lemon in half and extract the juice from both parts.

Next, add both the half cucumber slices and the lemon juice to a blender along with a glass of mineral water.

Blend all ingredients in a blender until smooth and lump-free. When the juice has become very thick, add a little more water and beat everything again with this tool. With these steps the cucumber and lemon juice is ready.

In Better with health they recommend taking this drink twice a day, with the aim of enhancing its slimming effects. The first intake of this juice can be on an empty stomach to increase its diuretic properties, and the second should be before dinner to reduce appetite and not seek more food at night.


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