Saturday, August 13, 2022
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Blizzard will move on from NFTs, confirms Mike Ybarra

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There are many companies that are showing interest in the NFT phenomenon in one way or another. Blizzard recently launched a survey in which it came to value with its public the introduction of these in its future developments, something that seems completely denied by the company itself.

NFT, metaverse, there are more and more new words that surround the world of video games, therefore, before Blizzard continues to be related to them, Mike Ybarra , president of Blizzard Entertainment, wanted to go to court stating that the company will remain away from the NFTs.

Blizzard says no to NFTs

Obviously, the company is huge and we would like to know what could happen with the rest of the studies and developments that Activision has. It seems that these words from Ybarra can serve to calm things down, players with every piece of news that relates a company or game to NFT comes out in a stampede to show their rejection, so you should be careful when integrating these new features into your projects.


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