Competition for Space-Flights grows as Blue Origin launches its second ‘New Shepard’ rocket

Competition for Space-Flights grows as Blue Origin launches its second ‘New Shepard’ rocket

The competition for Space-Flight Missions between Private Companies is growing rapidly with every passing day. We already know about SpaceX, Virgin, and Boeing. But now a new Contender for space flights has taken a giant step.

Blue Origin, the company founded by one of the richest man on Earth, Jeff Bezos, has successfully launched its ‘New Shepard’ rocket for the second time. But this time with a difference.. this time it carried Humans inside the Rocket as a test for its Space Flight Missions.

Though the Human Participants remained inside the spacecraft for a very little time, they performed a kind of Space Flight simulation.

Let us tell you how, as we have known, the purpose of this test flight was to do two things:  Carry-out a Space Flight Test and launch the New Shepard rocket.

So what really happened is, the Passengers were asked to prepare for the flight, then go to the flight pad, and then board the Spacecraft and take their respective seats.

So all the process happened as it is going to happen when actual Space Flights are carried out.

But for this operation, after taking their respective seats, they were asked to test if the communication circuit was working properly or not (as when the actual space flights are carried out, the passengers will remain in contact with the Blue Origin Crew through the communication console inside the New Shepard spacecraft).

Hence, after testing everything properly, the people who were inside, came out of the Spacecraft and then the main mission was carried out: To launch the rocket into an altitude of approx 100 kilometres and successfully land it back to the Surface along with its capsule.

Capsule is the part of Rocket on top where the supposed Space Passengers will sit during the actual Space Flight.

And as per the expectations of Blue Origin, everything went so perfectly. The Spacecraft launched and landed back in the smoothest possible way.

And after landing, the Passengers were sent back inside the Capsule part of the Rocket to perform one last part of the Space Flight Simulation:

To do what actual Passengers would do after landing back to the Earth; Talking to the Blue Origin Crew through the communication console, opening their Hatch, and finally coming out of the Capsule.

The entire process went smoothly and the entire mission took approx 10 minutes to complete (From Takeoff of the Rocket to Landing back safely).

Looking at this mission, seems like Jeff Bezos’ space company Blue Origin is about to win the race of making Space-Travel possible.

Let us tell you that Elon Musk’s company SpaceX has also carried out similar tests for Space-Flight, in fact it has even sold some tickets for an ‘All-Civilian’ Space-Mission that is going to take place at the end of 2021.

So looks like between Blue Origin and SpaceX, the one who is going to win the race of Space-Flights will be SpaceX.

But who knows, we will see what the upcoming rocket tests of Blue Origin and SpaceX tell us. Keep in mind, the Boing Company and Virgin are also in the space-race. Virgin has in fact even carried out two Space-Flight tests with its VSS-Unity ship.

But whatever happens, we will let you know.


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