Thursday, December 1, 2022
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Chris Evans revives villain mustache in The Gray Man

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When Netflix announced The Gray Man , its biggest-budget self-produced film, expectations were sky high. The filming in multiple locations, the direction of the Russo brothers and the cast of Hollywood stars such as Ryan Gosling, Regé-Jean Page , Ana de Armas and Chris Evans form an irresistible cocktail that has pushed many of us to see it this weekend. . Like any action blockbuster, The Gray Man has long chase scenes, many special effects and even more shots, not forgetting the character of the deranged villain who in this case is Lloyd Hansen played by Chris Evans . How do we know he’s the bad guy? Easy: the mustache that the actor has adopted to characterize himself.

Okay, maybe the fact that Hansen is an unscrupulous sociopath and a mercenary in charge of the bad-ass, (Regé-Jean Page) also gave us some clues. But Evans’ change of look has surprised us so much that we have even asked ourselves the question: will the actor get the mustache back into fashion? One of the clues is that Evans has a very strong high fade haircut that he does now, and that combines perfectly with his mustache. The other reason is that a mustache is much easier to get and maintain than a beard, especially for men who don’t have abundant facial hair. All this without counting that extra personality that it brings to the appearance of a man, which is why many other celebrities have worn (and wear) a mustache.

What do you have to do to get Chris Evans’ mustache in The Gray Man ? The first and most obvious thing is to get a razor blade and leave the shape of the mustache so that it grows. We recommend first letting the beard grow as a whole so that, when trimming it, you have enough hair. The next thing would be to trim it every week so that it maintains its shape and apply a beard oil so that your mustache and skin have the necessary hydration. Thus, you will avoid annoying itching and the unseemly gesture of rubbing your nose. Ready to be a movie villain?


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