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Camila Cabello celebrates her roots in “Familia”, her new album

The singer Camila Cabello released this Friday, 8, her third solo album: 'Familia' . In 12 tracks, she shows why she describes this record as the most personal of the trajectory she started at age 15, when she participated in 'The X Factor' and became known worldwide with the girlband Fifth Harmony .

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You can call your mother, father, aunts, cousins, grandparents… Anyway, all the relatives, because “ Family ” is already among us! The singer Camila Cabello released this Friday (08) her long-awaited third studio album. With 12 tracks in total, some in Spanish and some in English, the album features guest appearances by Ed Sheeran on the well-known “ Bam Bam ”, WILLOW on “ Psychofreak ”, Maria Becerra on the track “ Hasta Los Dientes ” and Yotuel on “ Lola ”. Listen up:

To promote the album, Camila Cabello held an immersive live on TikTok yesterday (07), where she presented all the new songs. The performance featured a lot of dancing, different costumes and the special participation of the singer’s grandmother!

‘Family’ is an open book – or diary – that gives access to the most intimate thoughts and feelings such as insecurity, jealousy and desire for someone. At times, the songs become so honest that they make the listener wonder if he really should be listening to those lines or if she’s a mere intruder.

At the same time, the album is a passport to a journey to rescue the singer’s roots. In an album called “Familia”, nothing more logical than looking for musical references in the story itself. Born in Cuba, Camila moved to the United States at the age of six with her Cuban mother and Mexican father. He even sings one of the verses of ‘La Buena Vida’, one of the tracks on the album. Her cousin Caro also has vocals on one of the songs, ‘Celia’. All in family.

The Latin influence was already present on the album’s first two singles, ‘Don’t Go Yet’, and ‘Bam Bam’, featuring Ed Sheeran. This second was the last song made for the album and already indicated that, despite being recent, the breakup with Shawn Mendes would also be part of the songs.

The third single from the album, ‘Psychofreak’, is a collaboration with the singer WILLOW and should have a clip this Friday. This is one of the most introspective songs on the album and finds Camila questioning herself about love, friendship, career – and sanity. “This song is basically about all the different things that are part of my journey with anxiety and my early start in the industry,” she said in an interview with Reuters .

Psychofreak also brings the singer’s first verses about Fifth Harmony, the group she left in 2016. “I’ve been on this journey since I was fifteen, I don’t blame the girls for what happened”, sings Camila, one of the attractions of Rock in Rio 2022.

Living up to the album’s theme, the track ‘Lola’ – a partnership with Cuban singer Yotuel, composer of ‘Patria y Vida’, a song that became an anthem of opposition to the government of Cuba in 2021 – is inspired by Camila’s mother. , who was an architect in her country of origin and, upon becoming an immigrant in the United States, became a department store saleswoman in order to help her family.

In this song, she sings about a woman – or several, represented in one – who needs to overcome countless obstacles to fulfill her dreams and, seeing how difficult the mission is, she becomes another version of herself. “No one is listening, so she won’t speak. All those dreams slowly fading away,” reads one of the lines.

The other tracks talk about a love relationship with a beginning, middle and end. The first phase of courtship – the nervousness, desire and passion – is portrayed in ‘ Quiet ‘ and ‘ Celia ‘. The middle – when differences become evident and feelings such as jealousy arise, is described in detail in the disco and 80s-inspired tracks ‘Hasta Los Dientes’, a collaboration with Argentinian Maria Becerra , and ‘ No Doubt ‘.

In ‘Boys Don’t Cry’, Camila sings about someone who has a hard time being vulnerable and brings a reflection on masculinity. The song that closes the album, ‘Everyone at this party’, is about the end of this relationship and the dilemma between wanting or not to find that person again.

By looking at her history and remembering her identity, Camila found herself. ‘Família’ is the best of the three albums in the singer’s solo career and shows the strength that an artist’s honesty and vulnerability can have when they let themselves be shown.


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