Monday, October 3, 2022
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Bad Bunny spreads injustices in Puerto Rico through a documentary

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Through his YouTube channel, the reggaeton player from Puerto Rico, Bad Bunny released the official video for his single “El Apagón”, said video is not just a music clip, but has documentary overtones.

In this video, with an unusual duration of almost 23 minutes, something rare for a song, the musician seeks to create awareness of the situation in his native country, since the clip reports on a blackout that left many damages in Puerto Rico, known in most of the world as ‘The Island of Enchantment’.

In this video, turned into a mini-documentary and directed by Bianca Graulau, she points out that as a result of this blackout there have been many cases of corruption by a foreign company, which has complicated the lives of the island’s inhabitants and with This has led to protests and demonstrations.

The video shows Puerto Ricans in their daily lives, where they face shortages and various acts of injustice, contrasting it with images of Puerto Rico’s cultural richness.

At the end of this video-documentary there are a series of names of governors and businessmen who refused to be interviewed or simply did not respond to the request to appear in this clip.

On his Instagram account, Bad Bunny commented on this release: “I hope that in PR (Puerto Rico) they can see it before the power goes out.”


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