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CDL Commercial Driver’s License in Texas: What Vehicles You Can and Can’t Drive With This License

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Unlike regular driver’s licenses, commercial driver’s licenses or CDLs in Texas are required to drive specific vehicles, much different than the average car

In Texas, as throughout the United States, commercial driver’s licenses (CDLs) allow people to drive very specific vehicles that are characterized by their large dimensions or by being designed for the transport of heavy loads and materials. dangerous or transporting people. As the name implies, these licenses have a commercial function and are therefore necessary for people who operate vehicles for work purposes.

The application process for a CDL in the state of Texas is often different from that for a standard license, which is required to drive an average-size personal-use car or truck.

What vehicles can be operated with a CDL business license from the state of Texas?

To obtain a commercial CDL license in the state of Texas, you must first obtain a commercial driver’s permit (CLP). This document allows the applicant to practice driving commercial vehicles while preparing for their driving test. At the same time, to obtain the CLP, it is necessary that the applicant already has a regular or standard license to drive vehicles for personal use in the state.

After carrying out the application process and obtaining the CLP, the applicant must maintain it for 14 days in which he can practice with the vehicle for which he requests his CDL. In this sense, if the applicant must drive a large vehicle (crane, tanker, trailer) this permit will allow him to practice with the vehicle before presenting the specific driving test for his case. The same is true for those who seek to obtain the CDL to operate vehicles that transport hazardous materials or buses for the transport of people.

During the driving test, the applicant will again face the vehicle of interest to her in the company of an evaluator assigned by DPS, who will determine if she is fit to operate said vehicle. If his qualifications are acceptable, he will get a license that will allow him to drive a commercial vehicle but he will still need some additional endorsements or certifications if the vehicle he will be driving or his employer requires it. The certifications available in Texas —according to the Department of Public Safety (DPS)— are the following:

1. H: Authorizes the transportation of hazardous material (CDL only)
2. N: Authorizes the operation of a tank vehicle (CDL or CLP)
3. Q: Authorizes the operation of a passenger transport vehicle (CDL or CLP)
4. S: Authorizes the operation of a school bus (CDL or CLP)
5. T: Authorizes towing two (doubles) or three (triples) trailers above a specified weight (CDL only)
6. X: Authorizes the operation of a combination of hazardous material and tank vehicle (CDL only)

To obtain this type of certification it is necessary for the applicant to undergo additional tests. Each certification will be added to the same document, that is, to the same business license (CDL) that you previously applied for.


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