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Carolina Losada and Luis Naidenoff are in a relationship: the love story that was born in the Senate and surprises politics

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Senators Luis Naidenoff and Carolina Losada, from Together for Change, began an affective relationship that is surprising in the world of politics. The information was confirmed to LA NACION by sources close to the legislator.

The relationship was born from joint legislative work in the upper house. Losada separated in December after 17 years, just at the moment in which she began to develop her legislative task. Naidenoff, for her part, was widowed in 2018, when her son and his ex-partner died of carbon monoxide inhalation. Both seek to keep a low profile and prefer to avoid publicly referring to their relationship.

The journalist ended her previous relationship a month after winning the general elections in the province of Santa Fe with 738,568 votes ( 40.41% ), a result that relegated the Front for All to second place.

With this electoral result, Losada, 48, was considered by many as the “electoral revelation” of those elections. The former model had also decided to enter politics at the hands of radicalism in 2021 after a successful stint in the media, where she stood out in cycles such as Intratables (America). ” I knew that if I wanted to do something for my country, it was time to do it,” she pointed out to LA NACION at the time.

After the elections, Losada had the internal consensus to assume the second vice president of the Senate on behalf of the opposition. She occupies that place behind Claudia Ledesma Abdala, from Santiago, who is the first vice president and who replaces Cristina Kirchner, the president of the Senate, when she leaves the room.

With a significant imprint within the coalition, Losada had requested in May that the Together for Change formula include a woman. He was even in favor of having cross-lists with candidates from the different internal spaces. “ The logical thing is that they are a man and a woman. We are in a time where women have, or should have, a more important place,” Ella said.

For his part, Luis Naidenoff, 55, is an experienced political leader who represents the province of Formosa in the Senate. He shares the same party as Losada: the Radical Civic Union. He came to preside over the interbloc of Cambiemos in the upper house, and currently, he leads the caucus of the centenary party.

From his position, Naidenoff has had an extremely critical position of the Government of Alberto Fernández, whom he questioned in harsh terms for his “authoritarianism” during the toughest stage of thepandemic. Days ago, he also criticized Cristina Kirchner for using the Senate networks as a tool ” to confront journalism.” She did so after the House’s official Twitter account qualified as “fake news” the report of a meeting between the vice president and the head of state.

“The use of institutional accounts of the Chamber of Senators to confront journalism is a serious fact and a practice that the vice president does not abandon,” Naidenoff said through social networks. “ The Senate of the Nation represents all the Argentine provinces. She is not the private secretary of Cristina Kirchner ”He considered then she.


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