Thursday, December 1, 2022
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Call for Ariel Awards canceled due to lack of resources

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The Mexican Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences (AMACC) announced the suspension of the call and other registration processes corresponding to the 2023 edition of the Ariel Awards due to lack of resources from the federal government.

The statement issued by the AMACC also denounces the negligence committed by the cultural authorities in Mexico, since they mention that the state that had been the engine and supporter of the Academy for several years renounced its responsibility as the main promoter and diffuser of cinema and culture in general.

With more than 76 years of experience, the AMACC lamented that they have “changed priorities”, eliminating the cultural sector from the list.

According to the president of the AMACC, Leticia Huijara, the institution is experiencing a very serious financial crisis, an issue that she mentioned during the last delivery of the Mexican award, where she also gave indications of the suspension of the Oscar counterpart in Mexico.

Every year, the Ariel award ceremony recognizes the talent of Mexican filmmakers in the different trades and disciplines that make up the film industry, a space for excellence in Mexican cinema and to give the necessary continuity to national cinematography, something that apparently has little chance of happening next year.

Finally, a call was made to all the corresponding sectors to “close ranks around the AMACC”, as well as to strengthen cohesion within the film industry and continue defending all spaces for free and independent reflection on Mexican cinema.


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