Saturday, August 13, 2022
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Keys to optimize the security of any business

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The private security sector continues to advance in the development of innovative technological solutions that enable remote surveillance 24 hours a day, guaranteeing maximum efficiency and reducing costs.

One of the most recent examples has been the latest technological development implemented by ‘Prosegur Ojo de Halcón’, a remote surveillance service that goes one step further in the field of intelligent security and combines the advantages of physical surveillance and remote surveillance to protect both the business and residential sectors.

The global benchmark in the private security sector has improved its remote surveillance service ‘Prosegur Ojo de Halcón’, a solution that, until now, had multiple cameras controlled by a team of security guards, located in the Control Center of Prosegur, which could see and interact in real time with the user through a totem -with a 32-inch screen and a two-way communication system-, located at the main access to the building.

Now, thanks to the new advances incorporated into the system, the Prosegur security team can communicate with anyone or intervene and dissuade possible intruders, more quickly and effectively, through any surveillance post, which makes ‘ Prosegur Ojo de Halcón’ is an ideal tool to protect a greater variety of spaces such as business parks, warehouses or industrial buildings.

In this way, communication no longer needs to be carried out exclusively through the totem, which was the only point that allowed online intervention and communication, and which will now be an optional element of the system.

This innovative and pioneering service makes it possible to expand the points of communication and the two-way interaction of the guards in the event of possible incidents, providing an additional level of security and optimizing any intervention by the surveillance team, guaranteeing maximum efficiency and reducing costs.

In this way, “a significant increase in the deterrent component is achieved and direct risks to the surveillance team itself are reduced since, as they are not exposed to any type of physical attack, they can witness any unusual event that happens in the environment without any delay guarded perimeter.

In addition, “it has UPS technology, an uninterruptible power supply system that keeps the installation running, even if there are power outages”, highlights Sebastián Slelatt, global director of SMB at Prosegur Alarms.

Likewise, ‘Prosegur Ojo Halcón’ can be complemented with additional services depending on the characteristics of the building or installation to be protected.Among the most common security risks in companies linked to the retail or distributor sector, robberies and assaults are usually the most frequent criminal acts when it comes to protecting this type of facility.

To deal with these threats, which could pose a danger to business continuity and, in some cases, could lead to significant financial and/or material losses, remote surveillance solutions such as ‘Prosegur Ojo Halcón’ optimize real-time monitoring of a surface delimited and its perimeter and allow the scope of a greater variety of spaces to detect and intervene directly in suspicious situations.


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