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How to open a company in Miami with Ltd24ore?

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For entrepreneurs with the purpose of doing business in the English-speaking world, especially in the United Kingdom and the United States, Ltd24ore establishes itself as one of the most outstanding options in the market.

It is an online advisor that allows you to create companies abroad in an economical, fast and simple way. Within the monthly plan offered, the incorporation of the company in the United Kingdom, USA or Ireland, all tax procedures, the annual general budget, accounting and billing software, legal assistance for the drafting of contracts are included. business, in addition to tax assistance.

Miami, capital of opportunities for professionals

As a quintessential Latino city, Miami has many possibilities for Spanish-speaking entrepreneurs from both sides of the ocean. Discounting the language facilities and the pleasant climate throughout the year, Miami has an important financial life, with hundreds of banks and investments. There is a real breeding ground for business. There is even an app, Miami eStart, that allows you to obtain the necessary licenses to create a business from your mobile phone.

About Ltd24ore

It is a firm of accountants and tax advisors specialized in commercial and tax consulting for Spanish companies in the United Kingdom and in supporting digital entrepreneurs in the English-speaking market. Currently, they support several hundred virtual companies, ranging from application developers to start-ups. Founded by Enzo Piccolo – a former Italian tax administration official – and his brother Alessandro – an accountant practicing in the UK – almost a decade ago, Ltd24ore offers special multilingual tax advisory services (in English, Spanish, German, Italian and French). ) by telephone or by any other means of digital communication.

How to do it?

First, you have to find out what type of visa is best suited to your situation. The E-2 Visa allows you to do business with no minimum investment amount, but requires a good business plan. Among the main requirements to open a company in Miami, you have to choose a name available in that state, hire a registered agent, register a local address, open a bank account, apply for a business license, select a relevant legal structure, obtain the EIN and, of course, getting the right visa.

What services does Ltd24ore offer?

One of the advantages that Ltd24ore has is that it can work in several languages, communicating fluently with all the parties involved in the business, since they have a large team of experts who speak the main languages ​​of the EU. The service offered is known as Empresa sin Fronteras or Borderless Company, which consists of being one step ahead in everything related to digital nomadism from a commercial point of view.

Ltd24ore has managed businesses in Spain, Italy, USA, Portugal and England. An experienced company that knows how to provide peace of mind to its clients through thorough knowledge of the tax laws and regulations of each country.


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