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How to choose between the different types of LinkedIn accounts

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LinkedIn is the social media for job seekers. The platform is also used by companies looking for professionals in their respective sectors. These can, in fact, publish announcements and receive the curriculum vitae of the interested parties. At the time of LinkedIn subscription the basic free account known as LinkedIn’s free membership. There will be one available to users 30 day free trial to evaluate the functionality of the account Premium.

In addition to this, the platform presents several options for subscribers, with relative prices. If you do not know which account to choose, below you will find a series of useful information, relating to all those available. This way you will have no doubts which one to select.
Users will be able to decide between Premium paid subscription which is divided into four types: Career, Business, Sales e Hiring. Are you wondering what are the differences between these? Let’s see it together to follow.

Account Premium Career

L’account Premium Career, according to the statistics of the social network, it allows a user who is looking for a job to be hired twice as fast compared to other users who have a free basic account. The price of the Premium Career subscription is 30,23€ per month. The first month will be free. By subscribing to this subscription you can:

  • Check who has visited your account in the last 90 days
  • Make a comparison between your profile and that of candidates in an ad for a job position
  • Directly contact those in charge of selecting the staff or those who post a job advertisement
  • Find out which job positions you have an advantage over other candidates and submit your CV
  • Create an optimized curriculum vitae taking into account the keywords that are most searched for on the platform
  • Being able to access online courses with which you can acquire new skills in your field Having anonymous browsing available, with which you can visit the profiles of other members without their knowing

Account Premium Business

L’account Premium Business – it allows you to reach an average of views that is six times greater than that of users who are limited to the basic free account. Its cost is 45,36€ per month and the first month is free. With this subscription you will be able to:

  • Search among the various users, even among those whose profile appears to be third degree
  • Register and follow the various online courses on the platform to learn more and more in various fields
  • Find out who viewed your account in the last 90 days and also learn how they found you
  • Send up to 15 private messages to users who are not part of your connection network
    Being able to access a range of information on the growth of companies

Account Sales Navigator

Sales Navigator

L’account Sales Navigator it was designed and developed especially for members who want to sell products or services on LinkedIn. The cost for this type of subscription amounts to 60,49€ per month. The first month will be free. With this subscription you can:

  • Do an advanced lead search and get custom lists
  • Receive updates in real time
  • See who has viewed your profile over the past 90 days and find out how they found you
  • Send up to 20 private messages to users who are not part of your network of contacts
  • Use anonymous browsing
  • Access LinkedIn Learning online courses and videos, designed with a focus on sales
  • Identify profiles of users who may be interested in purchasing your services or products
    Manage the sales interface designed for professional sellers

LinkedIn Recruiter

Sales Navigator

L’account Hiring will allow you to use the Recruiter Lite. This type costs 90,73€ per month, with the first month free. This account will allow you to:

  • See an unlimited number of profiles, even those of the third degree
  • Send up to 30 private messages to subscribers who are not in your community
  • Use the templates already set
  • Manage the candidates for a job that you have chosen through a specific screen
  • Use automatic tracking of who submits your job offer
  • Use the advanced search
  • Employ functions designed specifically for the hiring phases
  • Take advantage of suggestions with the aim of finding talent.


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