Thursday, December 1, 2022
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Blizzard asks players about their interest in NFTs, but its president distances himself from them

There are several video game companies that are intensifying their interest in this type of technology.

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The video game industry often wants to be on the cutting edge of technology, especially if that can help garner even more profit, so it’s no surprise that the latest business moves point to a reality: we’ll see more NFTs in video games , or at least that suggests what we have been seeing recently.

One of those that remained to be pronounced on the matter was Activision Blizzard . Although they have bigger and more serious problems , they continue to develop new games and want to know what users are looking for, so it may seem to some extent understandable that Blizzard has sent a survey asking players about their interest in NFTs , as they may well have picked up on Game Rant.

Some users have received this weekend a YouGov form in which a section specifically refers to the crypto world and NFTs, along with other more conventional products such as VR or subscription services. However, there are no plans for Blizzard to make NFTs soon, because the company itself has wanted to step in.

It has been the president of Blizzard himself who has responded with a message through Twitter . “No one is doing NFTs,” Mike Ybarra has bluntly stated . Therefore, it does not seem that Blizzard is going to interfere in this type of matter in the near future, although it is clear that the company wants to be aware of the trends that will dominate the market in the coming years.

During the last years we have seen how video game companies such as SEGA , Ubisoft or Konami quickly jumped on the NFT bandwagon, but the truth is that they have lost interest in recent months . According to data from a report, the bubble has started to burst and we are already seeing a strong loss in value of these tokens.


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