Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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Beyoncé is criticized for controversial lyrics of her song ‘HEATED’

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Beyoncé’s comeback has been mired in a series of unplanned events that have landed her in the headlines for the most unwelcome reasons and happily complicated her goals. On this occasion, the singer is the target of a shower of criticism for an unfortunate capableist expression in the lyrics of her song ‘HEATED’.

A few hours after the release of her seventh studio album entitled ‘Renaissance’, the controversy was immediate for the celebrity and exploded when a reporter analyzed the lyrics of the song and noticed the similarity between the word “spaz” found in the phrase “spazzin’ on that ass, spaz on that ass” and an insult that refers to people with cerebral palsy.

The colloquial term “spaz” is used in English as a pejorative towards individuals who are considered inept or clumsy. In addition, the word refers to jerky movements, such as those that cause the nervous contractions of those who suffer from cerebral palsy. Originally the term comes from the word “spastic” and is commonly associated with this unfortunate condition.

It was Hannah Diviney, a reporter who suffers from cerebral palsy, who pointed out the misuse of the word, explaining the reasons why it is an insult to the community. In addition, she stated that she was deeply disappointed in Beyoncé and all her team of producers.

People with disabilities deserve better,” were her final words.

Hannah had previously spoken about it when Lizzo used the word ‘Grrrls’, being criticized for reasons similar to the accusations against Queen B. As the singer is looking to bring safe spaces with her music, she chose to modify the lyrics and re-record the entire song.

Similarly, the team Beyoncé stated that the word was not used in a context and with the intention of insulting, however it was decided to recognize the carelessness and correct the lyrics of the song as soon as possible to avoid misunderstandings.

Apparently this has not been enough, because Hannah Diviney mentioned in her article that she hoped an artist of the stature of the Texan superstar would not make such mistakes and would make sure to stay away from these terms, since in her opinion she should have investigated the controversy of Lizzo It happened just 6 weeks ago.

In social networks, many joined the reporter’s voice, going out to give their opinion mainly via Twitter, confirming that the mistake in the song in collaboration with Drake could have been avoided with an investigation prior to the release of Drake’s new album.


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