Saturday, December 3, 2022
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Battle for Twitter: Elon Musk Becomes the First Shareholder

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What makes Elon Musk run? Successful President of Tesla, founder of SpaceX which is revolutionizing the world of space launchers, the man who with a single sentence makes the value of Bitcoin rise or fall, the founder of Hyperloop (vacuum tunnel transport) and Neurolink (artificial intelligence and augmented human intelligence). And now Twitter’s largest shareholder.

What to do with 3 billion dollars?

You will tell me that you must have them in your pocket. According to Forbes, Musk would be almost tied at the start of April 2022 with Jeff Bezos (Amazon) as the richest man in the world, the two neighbors (according to the stock prices of their companies) around 300 billion dollars in wealth. 3 billion is only 1% of his fortune. He could have with this sum bought 50% of Renault or 25% of Aéroports de Paris, or all of Lagardère or 100% of Air France KLM or even all of Bonduelle (cans) + Beneteau (boats) + Canal+ (the channel).

Twitter in English is to tweet like the blue bird. Musk chose to buy 9.2% of Twitter shares, becoming the largest shareholder and thus joining its board of directors. The president of Twitter welcomed him “I am delighted to share this nomination! Through conversations with Elon over the past few weeks, it became clear to us that he would bring great value to our board.” The action immediately rose 27% following this announcement and gained another 9% the next day.

Political influence?

Musk has 80 million followers on his twitter account (you read that right, eighty million). At the end of March 2022, he launched a “survey” on the theme “ do you believe that Twitter strictly adheres to the principle of freedom of expression ? “. More than 70% “ no ” answer ! Musk is difficult to classify politically, a libertarian he was closer to the Democrats but he criticized the deletion of Donald Trump’s Twitter account and called for the creation of a new independent social network. His remarks at least partially agree with the criticisms of those who deplore the multiple censorshipsconservatives on social media. With this devil of a man, Twitter could change its face and soften its censorship policy hostile to anything populist, conservative, traditionalist.


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