Wednesday, August 10, 2022
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Vision AMG, here is the concept of the future electric sports car. Debut in 2025

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The future of Mercedes, as we all know, is electric. Consequently, too AMG it is moving in this direction. A very first taste of what AMG will offer in the future comes with the concept car Vision AMG which was presented yesterday evening. It is a high performance electric prototype developed from scratch. It has some similarities to the Vision EQXX concept car and anticipates a production model that we will see in 2025.


With this study, we are now offering a first glimpse of how we are moving AMG DNA into an all-electric future, starting in 2025.

AMG’s first 100% electric sports car built from the ground up will rest on the new AMG.EA platform which is currently still under development. Platform that, however, will also be used for other Mercedes cars. No particular technical details of the powertrain were provided.

Therefore, we know nothing about power, battery capacity, performance and autonomy. However, a very important detail was provided. The Vision AMG can rely on axial flux motors developed by Yasa. We are talking about the company that Mercedes had acquired last year specializing in the construction of this type of engine. The German brand says that these units are particularly compact and more powerful than the “traditional” ones. Apparently, the future high-performance electric that AMG will launch in a few years’ time will feature a particularly sophisticated powertrain. On the technical choices of this concept we hope that AMG will provide further details soon.

Speaking of the design of the car, as mentioned at the beginning, there are some similarities with the Vision EQXX. In this case, however, AMG has worked further on the aerodynamics to optimize it. Later, for example, An active spoiler has been placed. I 22-inch wheels they have a particular design studied to further optimize aerodynamics. At the rear there is also a large diffuser.

The curious luminous signature of the optical groups stands out from the front. Each headlight consists of three LED elements that form the Mercedes “star”. The headlights are only then connected to each other by a light strip. The rear light clusters are also very particular. In fact, we find three round lights on each side placed inside cylindrical tubes.

Overall, the Vision AMG has a very gritty and muscular look, reduced overhangs and a long wheelbase. The concept car also features some elements that pay homage to the team engaged in Formula 1. Let’s talk, for example, about the silver color of the bodywork and the diffuser in Petronas colors.

A very interesting project on paper. All that remains is to wait for more information to find out more details on the technology present within this concept.


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