Wednesday, August 10, 2022
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Tesla Raises the Prices of Nearly All of Its Vehicles

Tesla has confirmed an unfortunate increase in the prices of its cars, as recently had the opportunity to resume the pages of The Verge.

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Tesla has confirmed an increase in the prices of its cars, with figures that go from 5% to about 10% for each vehicle, as recently reported on the pages of The Verge. In some cases there is talk of figures that have risen not much, but in others of big changes, which come only after a further increase, which we have talked about here.

It must be said that we only saw a further increase last week, although it seems that after this further wave the company could calm down and make everything stable. Find below all the figures indicated by The Verge:

  • Model 3 Rear-Wheel Drive: da 44,990$ a 46,990$
  • Model 3 Long Range: da 51,990$ a 54,490$
  • Model 3 Performance: da 58,990$ a 61,990$
  • Model Y Long Range: da 59,990$ a 62,990$
  • Model Y Performance: Gives $64,990 to $67,990
  • Model S Dual Motor: da 94,990$ a 99,990$
  • Model S Tri Motor: yes $ 129,990 and $ 135,990
  • Model X Dual Motor: da 104,990$ a 114,990$
  • Model X Tri Motor: $ 126,490 to $ 138,990

At the moment, the CEO of the company, Elon Musk, has not yet had the opportunity to comment on the explanation, although not long ago there was talk of how costs are rising for the companies owned by the entrepreneur, both as regards the logistics and both for raw materials, with inflation going up to 7.9% in America this year alone.


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