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Ram: the new electric pickup will be unveiled on November 17, 2022

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  • Ram, a brand owned by the Stellantis Group, will unveil the concept of its electric truck, Revolution, on November 17, 2022

Electrification has taken an important part in the automotive market. With the need for more and more cars of this type, manufacturers in the sector dedicate valuable time and resources to developing models that meet the new standards of sustainable production and marketing.

The Stellantis Group has great opportunities to cover important areas in this fight to position itself as a leader in electrification, since under its name it has several recognized brands in the market that have large numbers of fans worldwide.

One of them is Ram, who is about to show the world the concept of its first electrified truck on November 17, 2022. The vehicle will be called Revolution and will be seen during the Los Angeles Auto Show, according to the Detroit Free Press. .

“We believe that we will surpass what others have announced with our most complete portfolio of electrified solutions starting in 2024,” Ram CEO Mike Koval Jr. assured the aforementioned medium.

However, Koval Jr. stressed that despite all those interested in making electric trucks, there are still aspects that must be covered for a truck to be just that, a truck.

“More and more truckers are open-minded to the idea of ​​electrification in their trucks, but are unwilling to sacrifice our most important attributes that make a truck a truck, like towing, hauling and, in general, the future, autonomy and charging time”, he sentenced.

This means that for an electric truck to be successful in the automotive market, it will have to be able to meet the demands and demands that fossil fuel-powered vehicles meet, or even exceed them.

The projections of the Stellantis Group
With the Ram Revolution, Grupop Stellantis plans to take part in the electrified automotive sector of trucks. For this, it will have to offer a variant with great characteristics capable of competing “one on one” against the Ford F-150 Lightning, a vehicle that has been received in a great way by consumers.

Also, through Chrysler, it will attack with the Airflow concept, in addition to presenting the first fully electric Jeeps.


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