Wednesday, August 10, 2022
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Porsche announces the arrival of a new high-end electric SUV

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Times are changing and they do so at a much faster rate than we were thinking. In fact, the big brands that did not want to know anything about electric cars are encouraging themselves to prepare new projects focused on electric mobility. Porsche has only recently entered the high-end electric car market, but after the Taycan, it is keen to introduce a new electric SUV.

It was the executive director of the brand who announced that this model would be ready in a few years and that it would be a high-end electric vehicle. In his words, this new proposal from the German manufacturer will be above the Cayenne , so it will be a car that will attract attention for its aesthetics and performance.

The production of this model will be carried out at the Leipzig plant , the same one that will be responsible for the manufacture of the new Macan, which will also be a vehicle with an electric drive train. Porsche’s goal is to maintain its presence in the luxury car market , now focused on premium electric mobility.

Times, as we have already mentioned, have changed. And not only when it comes to mobility. Prospective Porsche buyers have, too. Several independent studies have been carried out and it has been concluded that the typology of potential buyers has also changed.

Future buyers of a luxury car will follow the current trend and look for an electric car. They are also people who will look for the SUV body, which is the most popular on the market, and they want a vehicle that offers them the greatest possible efficiency. Something that is within the reach of few people, those with greater purchasing power.

It has also been detected that the potential buyers of the brand’s cars are getting younger and the female audience is becoming more and more important among the brand’s customers. All this leads to the creation and approach of new commercial strategies to offer a product adapted to the tastes of this new type of buyer who approaches Porsche.


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