Tuesday, October 4, 2022
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2023 Genesis GV60 Now Available in Arizona, Nevada, Utah and Washington

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  • The 2023 GV60 model of Hyundai’s luxury brand, Genesis, will now be available in eight states of the country after integrating four new states

Manufacturers in the automotive market have been characterized by offering “conventional” models, but also variants loaded with luxury. However, several companies have chosen to develop subdivisions that are 100% dedicated to this type of car in particular.

Genesis is an example of this, since it appears as the luxury division of Hyundai, which has a quite striking car in multiple senses (mechanical, aesthetic, technological): the GV60 2023, which has a presence in the United States, but recently expanded its footprint to four more states.

This vehicle has been for sale in four states in the country (California, Connecticut, New Jersey and New York) but now joins Arizona, Nevada, Utah and Washington to cover eight states, for the moment.

It should be noted that the 2023 Genesis GV60 is a fully electric car that adheres to the company’s plans to join the sustainable transition of the automotive sector, with the main goal being to become zero carbon neutral by the year 2035.

Genesis GV60 2023: Features

Various reports and test drives claim that the 2023 Genesis GV60 boasts “athletic driving behavior” and a “forceful electric powertrain.”

The electrified motor offers 314 horsepower through the advanced version, while the Performance generates 429 horsepower with the possibility of increasing to 483 horsepower when using the Boost driving mode.

The autonomy is 235 or 248 miles of travel depending on the selected variant. However, both feature a 77.4 kWh battery pack that allows the car to be charged from 10% to 80% in 18 minutes via a DC fast charging station.

The technological section boasts a 12.3-inch touch screen along with a group of 12.3-inch digital indicators, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, fingerprint reader and Bang & Olufsen audio system. As if that were not enough, the car can be unlocked and started via facial recognition.

Safety features include driver assistance, automated emergency braking, adaptive cruise control with lane centering, and lane-keep assist with departure warning. Finally, the starting price of the 2023 Genesis GV60 is listed at $58,890.


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