Friday, December 2, 2022
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Australia re-establishes Voracova’s visa and separates her case from Djokovic’s

The Czech was expelled from Australia almost at the same time as Djokovic, but now her visa will be reinstated and she will be able to enter the country again.

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Parallel to everything that happened with Novak Djokovic in the run-up to the 2022 Australian Open , a case with similar characteristics and much less media coverage was developed, which only acquired public relevance once the Serb was locked up and subsequently deported. Renata Voracova came to compete in Australian tournaments, but she was arrested, locked up and deported from the country shortly after the Balkan case was uncovered. She decided not to plead and, therefore, there was no trial, but she has carried out a legal battle without quarter that has allowed her to recover the visa that was withdrawn, as reported by The Age. Is this news a reason for hope for Novak Djokovic?

The answer is not entirely clear since, although it sets a precedent, the Australian Administrative Court of Appeals , the competent entity in this matter, has been in charge of clarifying that the case of this 38-year-old Czech tennis player and that of Belgrade are very different in some key aspects. “We have found no evidence that she did not meet established standards, relying on the medical exemption granted by the Victoria Department of Health and reaffirmed by Tennis Australia. Although she was not vaccinated, this Court recognizes that there was no law that prevented your entry into the country because you truthfully responded to the travel declaration and passed the necessary and convincing evidence of the medical reason you needed a waiver,” they say.

The competent Court says that Djokovic’s case has nothing to do with that of Voracova

This reason was none other than a natural predisposition of his body to thrombosis, which forced him to postpone vaccination for a few months since he had had COVID-19 shortly before traveling. The nuance that the Court considers very different from that of Djokovic lies in his position regarding vaccines. ” Voracova did not at any time maintain an anti-vaccination position , therefore, her presence on Australian territory will not pose a public threat to the country’s health. Djokovic showed contempt for isolation policies and made his anti-vaccine position clear, which totally differentiates her case from that of Renata Voracova”, affirms the competent entity in its letter.

In addition, the Court recognizes that the sanction against Renata Voracova has had a very negative impact on her professional career, making it difficult for her to participate in events held in other parts of the world and believes that maintaining the sanction would have affected her professional career in an exaggerated manner. At this point, it should be remembered that Novak Djokovic is currently prohibited from setting foot in Australia for 3 years since his deportation. Only the Ministry of Immigration can grant an exemption for public interest and/or compassionate reasons, being very attentive to whether the change of government that has occurred leads to a revocation of the punishment imposed on the Serb.


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