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What is it like to live in Miami: how much does a rent cost and what is the average salary in this area of ​​​​the United States

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Estimated calculations for those who are thinking of immigrating to this state.

Some statistics indicate that more than 40,000 people move to Miami each year. Part of the explanation for this flood is due to the fact that it is known that it is a friendly city for Latinos and with many job possibilities.

But, before making the decision to emigrate, it is worth taking into account the costs of living, since it is one of the most expensive cities in the United States.

The average salary in Miami

The Glassdoor site states that a specialized salesperson in Miami can earn $47,248 per year. To this can be added additional US$ 9,545, on average.

While, for a supermarket cashier, according to Iprofesional, it is US$2,400 per month. This equates to about $28,800 a year.

Rents in Miami depend on the area and the state of the home
Rents in Miami depend on the area and the state of the home

Rental in the United States

The Zumper real estate portal recently published that the average value of a one-bedroom home is $2,400 per month.

On the other hand, the Vivir Enn site says that, depending on the area and the condition of the home, options can be found from US$1,300.

A point to keep in mind: the contracts are usually annual and funds are requested to cover a year’s rent.

Food and feeding

The Live inn site points out that a family can spend between 300 and 600 dollars a month.

Public transport

One of the characteristics of the city is that it is very difficult to get around on public transport. With which, most residents or families are almost forced to have a car.

As for the expenses, the fuel tank costs around 70 dollars.

study at university

The estimate from the Live inn site indicates that the entrance fee to the university is 4,000 dollars.

Cell phone

Plans with unlimited calls, according to Live in, start at around $40.



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