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Smartphone: How to take a perfect selfie?

Since its discovery, photography has been a way of immortalizing memories. With the evolution of technology, it has also evolved over the years. We've moved from film to cell phones for what's been called the now-indispensable "selfie." Discover the hidden parameter that will allow you to take a perfect one.

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This new way of taking photos, much cheaper and instantaneous, has exceeded the performance of the camera. These are now only used by real amateurs or professionals.

Now the latest generation phone with cameras allow us to have excellent results with high definition images.

Few people know this but there is a hidden setting in your cell phone that you don’t know about that will change the way we take selfies forever.

How did the selfie appear?

Since social media has become our primary way of communicating, there’s a new way to take photos of us and share them with the world. It’s the selfie.

This word means self-portrait or rather self-timer, and to take this type of photo you need a front camera. This phenomenon is however not so recent as that because painters like Van Gogh, in their time, were followers of what is now called the selfie.

Limiting ourselves to talking about this self-timer, we can say that it was born around the first decade of the 2000s. In fact, it would seem that the real spread of this term began when Apple released the first front camera phone in 2010.

With the release of the iPhone 4, we can say that this era of mass distribution of self-portraits begins, even in groups.

Today, we can see how much it is the favorite technique of Internet users to share their life with their subscribers and friends.

The trick to taking the perfect selfie

Few people know it but there is  a hidden setting in our mobile phone  with which we can take perfect selfies effortlessly.

Taking a selfie can usually be tricky, especially if you’re in a group. And for good reason, it is difficult to find the right angle and the right position to take the photo. Is reaching out to take the picture a problem for you? Rest assured, there is a solution.

Our phones are equipped with a setting that will allow us to take selfies simply. You can activate the recognition option by scrolling your thumb up to start the timer that will lead to the click.

The phone will take the photo in seconds automatically and you don’t need to twist.

It is a practical, simple and completely free method to have more beautiful and more natural photos.


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