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Chaturbate Allows You to Send Images in Private Messages

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Chaturbate already allows you to send images in private messages so that they can exchange between the user and the model.

According to Chaturbate , any model who has made a private conversation with a user can both exchange images. And I am not referring to the animated images that are activated by typing the colon (:) in the chat. When I say “Exchange” , I mean that you can now upload and send images in private messages.

A feature that the model may not like very much

However, many models are complaining about receiving too many explicit images that they don’t want to see. What Chaturbate recommends is, do not open the images. The images that are received will be shown in the private chat in a blurred way so as not to distract and bother the model. However, this can still be very annoying for the model.

A new feature that has a lot to improve

Many models are uncomfortable with the new Chaturbate implementation because of the number of images they don’t want to see. The best solution for not receiving images would be to have an option to turn the feature on or off. We hope that Chaturbate will soon implement its activation and deactivation from the options for the good of the platform.

Charge a price to view images

What some models are doing is charging a price to see these images that users send.

How to send images to users in private messages?

1. In the private message, you just have to select the “Image” button.

2. A pop-up window will open for you to select the image to send. You can also drag an image from the “File Explorer” and drop it into the private message window.

This is Chaturbate’s official announcement of the new feature.

What do you think that Chaturbate allows you to send images in private messages? Is the new functionality very useful or stressful?


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