Sunday, December 4, 2022
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Apple iPhone self-repair program United States

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Apple has launched its mobile device self-repair program in the United States, which allows technically savvy customers to fix their phones and access the same parts used by the technology manufacturer.

This service, called ‘ Self Service Repair ‘, introduces a new online store that offers users more than 200 parts and tools so that they can repair some elements of the iPhone 12, iPhone 13 and iPhone SE of the third generation, such as the screen or camera.

As explained by the manufacturer in a statement, to start the self -repair process, customers must first review the manual available for the device to be repaired on the support page, and then visit the tool store and request the parts they need.

Each of these genuine Apple parts, which are original , are designed for each product and are made available to users after going through a testing process to ensure quality and safety.

Plus, they’re the same price as those available through Apple’s network of authorized repair providers, and for some of these repairs, customers will receive a credit when they return a replaced part for recycling. In relation to the tools available in the store, Apple has detailed that the brand’s customers will be able to find screwdrivers and screen and battery presses, among others, in ‘Self Service Repair’.

It will also offer a series of packages or tool rental kits at a price of 49 dollars (just over 46 euros) for those who do not want to buy tools for a single repair. They will be able to have these kits for a week and Apple will send them to their homes for free.    The technology manufacturer has explained that it will not be until the end of this year when it will include in this program manuals, parts and tools to repair Apple Silicon Mac computers.

Finally, Apple has reminded that most customers have no experience in repairing electronic devices and has encouraged them to go to a professional provider to obtain a safe result. The company has also announced its intention to extend this program to other regions by the end of the year, starting with Europe.


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