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Apex Legends Mobile: from Wraith to Fade, how to unlock all heroes for free

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If you have just started playing Apex Legends Mobile and you want to expand your collection of heroes, know that it is possible to unlock all the characters of the title for Android and iOS devices for free.

The legends of Apex Legends Mobile are in fact obtained in a different way than what is seen in the game in the PC and console version. In this case, in fact, the basic heroes can be obtained simply by climbing the experience levels and the only extra character, Fade, is obtained through the Battle Pass.

Here is the complete list of characters currently available in Apex Legends Mobile and how to unlock them for free:

    • Bloodhound: This is the default unlocked hero for everyone
    • Octane: He is the first hero to be added to the collection after Bloodhound, at the end of the tutorial
    • Lifeline: Unlocks for free upon reaching level 2
    • Bangalore: Unlocks for free upon reaching level 3
    • Pathfinder: Unlocks for free upon reaching level 4
    • Gibraltar: Unlocks for free upon reaching level 6
    • Wraith: Unlocks for free upon reaching level 15
    • Caustic: Unlocks for free upon reaching level 20
    • Mirage: Unlocks for free when you reach level 24 or with day 2 of the daily rewards
    • Fade: It is unlocked for free by reaching level 25 of the Battle Pass or for a fee, by spending 750 coins

In the case of Fade, reaching Level 25 of the pass allows you to get all 10 fragments, as 2 will be unlocked at Level 1, Level 9, Level 13, Level 17 and Level 25. Once obtained all the fragments, just select the character in the legends screen and unlock it using the accumulated resources.

While waiting to find out what the next heroes will be and how to unlock them, we remind you that it is possible to activate the dubbing in Italian in Apex Legends Mobile.


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