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Antonio Lobato does not give Sebastian Vettel a truce or the day of his retirement

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As a great defender and also a personal friend of Fernando Alonso, Antonio Lobato has always had a certain animosity towards the main rivals that the Spanish driver has had during his years in Formula 1. Many accuse him of having a grudge against Lewis Hamilton since the British shared team with the two-time world champion at McLaren in 2007 and sparks flew between the two, but he seems to have even worse opinion about Sebastian Vettel.

The German announced on July 28 that he will leave F1 at the end of this season. It is news that could be seen coming, since in recent years he seemed more focused on social issues than on competition and his results are not being brilliant, although the low power of his Aston Martin does not help him too much. However, he did not scratch at a good level in his final stage at Ferrari either.

But despite those last difficult years, Vettel’s career in the Great Circus has been spectacular and his results place him on a par with the best drivers in history. He has won four World Championships (all of them consecutively between 2010 and 2013 at the wheel of Red Bull), has been second in another three and has 53 wins, 122 podiums and 57 pole positions.

But for Lobato, all these achievements do not make him exceptional and “his harvest is generous”. He credits him as having been “in the right place at the right time” as his main merit. It is what he has written in the thread that he has dedicated to the four-time world champion after his withdrawal became known.

Perhaps he has not forgotten that in three of his four World Championships he defeated Alonso, who finished second, taking advantage of the fact that he had a better car (the Red Bull was much more competitive than the Ferrari), but this usually happens with all champions.

The thread begins by talking about how he showed “maturity and intelligence” at all times, citing some images from when he won his fourth championship in 2013 in which he told the team that successes should be celebrated because they don’t last forever. Although he points out that his titles reflect his quality, he considers him a great driver, but, as we said, not exceptional. “Just as some fell short in championships, Vettel’s harvest is generous. He happened to be in the right place at the right time. For that you also have to be skillful, ”he adds.

Remember that at Red Bull he always beat Mark Webber, but lost to Daniel Ricciardo and that at Ferrari he dominated Kimi Raikkonen and “his storm started when Charles Leclerc appeared”.

He concludes the thread with several compliments pointing out that “everyone speaks well of him” and that he is “a tireless worker and perfectionist”, but most of the followers have stayed with what he says about Vettel as a pilot and they have criticized him for that via Twitter.

As we said, Lobato’s animosity towards Vettel goes back a long way and he has shown it publicly on many occasions. After his collision with Hamilton at the 2007 Azerbaijan Grand Prix while driving behind a pace car, he called him a “vengeful gangbanger”, “bumper car badass”, “demon”, “capricious”, “protester”. “disobedient” or “hysterical”, among other things.

In an interview for’Sports world’In 2019, when Leclerc began to overtake the German in Ferrari, the now DAZN narrator said that the Monegasque “had killed him” and that he looked “sunken and disarmed”.


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