Friday, December 2, 2022
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Another shameless copy? Instagram prepares a function similar to BeReal

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As the engineer and web developer Alessandro Paluzzi, an expert in reverse engineering, has just revealed, the company owned by Meta has started testing a function equal to the one currently offered by BeReal, one of the networks of the moment. For those who haven’t heard of BeReal yet: it’s an application that sends a notification once a day to its users asking them to upload a photo of what they’re doing. They only have two minutes to post the image on their profile.

The feature currently being tested by Instagram has been dubbed “Candid Challenges” and looks like a direct clone of BeReal. As Paluzzi shows, users will receive a notification every day at a different time and will have two minutes to take a photo of the environment around them. Instagram has even copied BeReal’s unique dual photo system, which simultaneously takes a photo of what appears in front of the front and rear cameras.

Meta confirmed to Engadget and The Verge that they are currently working on this feature, but that at the moment it is just an “internal prototype” that has not yet been tested on real users.

Looking at the background of Meta (the old Facebook), it does not seem at all unreasonable that they are going to shamelessly copy what one of their direct rivals has done. We saw it with the Snapchat Stories and filters, with the Reels and everything indicates that history will repeat itself once again now with the BeReal format.


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