Thursday, December 1, 2022
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Andra Escamilla, the companion, announces that she will have OnlyFans

fter her makeover, followers of Andra Escamilla asked her to open her OnlyFans account

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During the pandemic, online classes became essential to continue with the school cycles. However, due to the lack of experience in a virtual world, unknown to most students and teachers, there were many cases in which certain events in a virtual class ended up being viral. Such is the case of Andra Escamilla, known as the companion, who now intends to open her OnlyFans profile.

Andra Escamilla is one of the many people who had to experience online classes, and it was precisely in one of them that differences arose with one of the students who was also connected, a fact that led her to go viral in 2021.

The conflict arose because the student, while participating in the class, called Andra “compañera”, a situation for which he interrupted him and made it clear that she was not her classmate, but her “compañere” because on different occasions they had already She had explained that considering herself a non-binary person, her acquired pronoun is “elle”.

From that event that went viral on the internet, Andra Escamilla ‘s popularity began to be reflected in the number of followers on her social networks, reaching, to date, more than 25 thousand on Instagram.

Andra Escamilla’s OnlyFans

It was precisely through Instagram that Andra ‘s followers began to ask him in the comments of her photos to open an OnlyFans account. Everything, as a result of her image change that she has been presenting in her post.

There were so many comments of the type: “For when your only fans ?” And the only? and “Saving for the only”, where Andra Escamilla was asked to open her profile on the platform that recently the “companion” broke the news of her project with the following phrase: “I’m working on it”.

In her last Instagram post, he wrote “Do you know Fansly?”, so her followers couldn’t wait and began to let him know that they would subscribe to the platform to have access to her exclusive content.

Andra also posted, “I’ll open a Fansly. It’s an improved Only. You’ll be able to vote for the content you want to see. Have different content depending on the amount you pay. And personalized content.” A follower even asked her what the cost of subscribing to fansly would be, to which she replied that the prices would be “11 dollars for the normal one, 15 dollars for the premium and 5 dollars for the extras”.

What is OnlyFans and Fansly?

Both OnlyFans and Fansly are web portals as content subscription services, where creators earn income from users who subscribe to their profile and pay to view their posts.

These platforms handle content of all kinds. However, the reason why they have become so popular is because there is no censorship, so adult content is the one that proliferates the most in these spaces.


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