Thursday, December 1, 2022
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Alejandra Rubio reveals what her future plans are

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Alejandra Rubio is enjoying the summer after the ‘Viva la vida’ program has come to an end. A very emotional moment that ended with the great farewell message from Emma García. Now, through her social networks, the daughter of Terelu Campos has explained what her future plans are and the new projects that she would like to start.

The collaborator has made it clear that, for the time being, she has not been offered to work on ‘It’s already noon’. However, she has confessed that she is almost sure that we will soon be able to see her again on television, although without specifying if she already has a job offer for the near future.

At the moment, while her future television plans are finalized, the collaborator has confessed that she plans to resume her acting classes in October. ” I really want it”, she has acknowledged. In addition, she has confessed that she will take advantage of this time to “give more power to Instagram and Tiktok”. Some plans to which she will join another project that she has in mind and of which she still cannot give details. Without a doubt, some plans that she will keep very busy during these months while she prepares her return to television.

She has recognized that she also has a very special video pending that his followers have been asking him for a long time. “You have asked me a thousand times for the video of the tattoos and their meanings. I don’t know how to do it so that it looks beautiful but soon you will have it,” she assured. In this way, it seems that after having finished his work on ‘Viva la vida’, she has many new projects to carry out.


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