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Aldi increased the purchase of products from Spain by 10% in 2021

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Aldi maintains its commitment to national suppliers and during 2021 increased the purchase of products from Spain by 10%. Specifically, it was in the fruit and vegetable category where the largest volume of product was purchased from national suppliers during 2021, with a total of nearly 138,600 tons, followed by bakery (more than 121,350 units), non-alcoholic beverages (more than 119,370 units) and dairy products (108,200 units).

At a percentage level, the categories in which the purchase of national origin increased the most during the past year and compared to 2020, were bazaar (decoration, fashion, electronics, among others) and bakery.

In fresh products (fruit, vegetables, meat and fish), Aldi bought more than 165,660 tons of products grown and processed in the national territory, which is 3% more than in 2020. In fact, in the meat category, 100 % of the supermarket chain’s supply comes from Spain.

The supermarket chain has an assortment of nearly 2,000 products, 80% of national origin. Specifically, the company works with nearly 400 national suppliers, some of them since the company’s arrival in the country in 2002, and with them it establishes long-term relationships of trust to supply its more than 360 supermarkets in Spain.

In addition, it ensures that the company’s business model based on a reduced assortment and its own brand favors the customer’s purchasing decision and that high-quality products are developed at very competitive prices. “ At Aldi we strive to ensure our commitment: that our customers can benefit from the lowest prices available in the market every day, as well as attractive offers and promotions. To achieve this, we check every day if more efficiencies can be achieved that allow us to offer price advantages to our customers, systematically analyzing our costs and our processes. In this way, customers can make a complete purchase with basic products at the lowest possible price, every week”, highlights Iñigo Fika, vice-CEO of Aldi Spain.


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