Thursday, December 1, 2022
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A new Nintendo Indie World Showcase is rumored for this week

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A Nintendo Indie World showcase could be happening this week, according to an internal leak.

Some of the best games on offer today come from such small but oh-so-talented indie developers, so the rumor of a potential Nintendo Indie World event is certainly something worth getting excited about.

Nintendo Indie World is similar to the Nintendo Direct presentations, but the focus is on indie games only. Nintendo held its last Indie World event in December of last year, with a presentation packed with news and updates for more than a dozen games.

A new leak suggests that the next Nintendo Indie World event could take place sometime this week. In a thread on Famiboards, as seen by Reddit user LinkWink, tipster Emily Rogers joked, “Any indie game fans here? Also, NateDrake is amazing.” While this isn’t much of a leak in and of itself, as LinkWink points out, this wouldn’t be the first time Rogers has hinted at the event just ahead of time.

In December, when asked, “What are the chances of an Indie World happening for next week?” Rogers replied “100%”, which turned out to be correct as Nintendo officially announced an Indie World soon after. This time around, it’s less apparent that Rogers is referring to an impending Indie World showcase, but it’s worth keeping an eye out for announcements from Nintendo just in case.

December’s Nintendo Indie World had some exciting announcements; Among them was confirmation that Sea of ​​Stars, a new RPG from the creators of The Messenger, is coming to Switch.

Nintendo’s console already has some brilliant standalone offerings. Check out our pick of the best Switch indie games you should be playing right now .


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