Saturday, December 3, 2022
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89-year-old man escapes uninjured from hang gliding accident in San Bernardino County

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Susumu Sagara crashed into the side of Marshall Peak moments after launching into flight; a doctor who descended by helicopter to treat him found that the man had no injuries

An 89-year-old man escaped unharmed after being in an accident while flying a hang glider in San Bernardino County.

Susumu Sagara, 89, crashed into the side of Marshall Peak moments after launching into flight on a hang glider on Saturday afternoon, according to a statement from the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department (SBSD).

The victim’s mishap occurred in a site that was difficult to access, requiring an SBSD helicopter to rescue Sagara.

When the authorities managed to locate Sagara, a doctor was brought down to give him medical attention. At the time the doctor was on the ground, he found that the old man did not have any injuries, so they were both boarded on the Sheriff’s aircraft.

Once aboard the helicopter, Sagara was eager to reconnect with his group of hang gliders, who were in the area previously designated as the landing zone.

As Sagara and two doctors walked toward the group, the 89-year-old asked them to finish the tour alone.

“As medics returned to the helicopter, Susumu Sagara raised her arms and began to celebrate,” the San Bernardo County Sheriff’s Department reported.


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