Wednesday, December 7, 2022
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70% of Dominicans use social networks. Do you apply D2C marketing?

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A few years ago, a new model of hyper-connectivity and information broke into our society, leveraged -among other things- by social networks. This new way of connecting has made communication, advertising and marketing somewhat challenging.

Social networks are characterized by the constant changes they experience. The trends, the platform, the formats, the language change. The average user gets bored faster and faster and a brand that stays in their comfort zone will not have significant results. This is why D2C (direct to consumer) marketing is more important than ever. It is about generating a direct relationship with the consumer, with the person. Appeal to empathy and emotions, humanize the brand. After all, there are always people behind a brand.

In this sense, social networks play a fundamental role, due to their accessibility, immediacy and low cost. In fact, it is one of the main channels we use. Whether it’s to keep in touch with friends and family, make purchases of products or services, or stay informed with the latest news.

According to the Global Web Index, 60% of the world’s population (4.55 billion people) use social networks. Each person is an active user, on average, of 7 platforms per month, for almost 3 hours a day. In the Dominican Republic alone, the number of users amounts to 7.60 million , the equivalent of 70% of the population, and each year it increases by 9%.

Can you imagine the amount of data that is generated? How does a person analyze them, while extracting relevant insights that impact business results? The answer seems somewhat obvious, but if we do not have technology it is impossible. Without technology, valuable information about that consumer is lost : their tastes, preferences, behaviors, concerns, etc. Thus, it will be difficult to execute D2C marketing tactics and, by not personalizing the messages, the person ends up going with the competition. With platforms like the ones we provide at Bunker DB, manual tasks are automated, and work teams can focus their energy on obtaining qualitative information from the data they obtain from their social networks.

Brands need to understand their followers and plan around what they really want and need. The metrics to monitor to know if you are on the right track will depend on each stage of the customer journey. But achieving a high percentage of interactions ( engagement rate ) is a good indicator.


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