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5 tips to stay in shape on vacation and enjoy twice as much

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Most people think that maintaining a good physique and enjoying the holidays are incompatible, and this is not the case. Of course, we start from a basic premise and that is that now the objective is not to arrive, but to stay. Come on, you have to arrive with your homework done. In this case, maintaining in summer the physique that you have achieved by sweating the fat throughout the year is not complicated at all. The hard part is getting there. Now comes the easy part…

What happens is that we tend to think that this physique is not entirely ours, it is not us one hundred percent, that this aesthetic is temporary. But the only temporary thing that summer has is the beach bar, the body that you have earned, no.

Next, we tell you 5 tips or tips that you can apply in any context and that will help you to ensure that history does not repeat itself this summer. That the return to the day-to-day routine is already hard enough without having to take off a few kilos that do not paint anything. These are very simple guidelines and pure common sense, but if you put them into practice I assure you that the film changes.

5 tips to keep your muscles in summer and enjoying

1- Never stop training strength. Lower the piston if you want (in fact, it will do you good). Reduce the frequency, the intensity, the volume, but don’t abandon your routine completely. Think that the only really effective stimulus so that the muscle you have built does not lose tone, you are only going to achieve it by training strength.

For this time of maintenance we recommend using a routine of 3 days per week with the following division:

Day 1: chest, shoulder and triceps.

Day 2: full leg and abs.

Day 3: dorsal and biceps.

What works best for this time is to use techniques such as supersets (doing two exercises for two different muscles without resting), as they allow us to save time and keep the intensity high.

It is not about spending 2 hours from Monday to Saturday crushing ourselves with the irons in the sun, it is enough with 3 sessions per week of no more than 1 hour and on alternate days (well used, yes) to maintain what you have earned (don’t forget that now the objective is that, we leave the improvement for the return).

2- Square your macros and adapt your diet. If you have to eat out, do it, but controlling what you eat, so that at the end of the day you have not exceeded the total daily count of macros that you have set.

Work this way, with a flexible diet where macros rule, not where the food comes from. Doing it this way is how greater adherence to the diet is achieved, since the fact of not having prohibited foods or depriving yourself of anything causes you not to have anxiety or desire to eat everything.

Think of this as a lifestyle that you must sustain long-term if you want real results, so having an open mind especially when it comes to approaching the diet is essential.

In the end, we are social beings and we like to relate to each other, nobody likes to feel like a weirdo. Therefore, either you learn to adapt your healthy lifestyle to the circumstances or you will end up burnt out and not wanting to know anything.

3- Reduce carbohydrates in your diet. Fonsi Nieto in the video even advocates leaving them practically at zero if there is no physical exercise involved and it makes all the sense in the world. By the way, stay with his form (with Fonsi’s) and see if it gets worse in the coming months. It’s been 5 years with Jesús Gallego.

Before, he managed to get to the summer in shape, but once he got out of his routine, he changed the chip and was unable to do that minimum necessary to avoid spoiling all the work of months.

And if you go away for a weekend nothing happens, now if you take a month off, things change. She took him a couple of summers, but now with Fonsi the return from vacation is not the same, but better, with a little less muscle, but more defined.

Returning to the tip, hydrates have an energy function, therefore, if we do not have so many demands now, the logical thing would be to adapt to the new situation by adjusting the amounts and leaving them for key moments (peri-workout).

This is another of the aspects that Jesús Gallego develops in his program the 12in12 Challenge and his guide, as well as in a practical way and in real situations, since we give you recommendations, for example, to know what to eat in a hotel buffet full of temptations. Remember the most important: take what you are going to eat at once, put it on the table and, when you have everything, sit down and do not get up to make more trips.

4- The cups, always with light drinks. And in moderation, that the kcal of alcohol do not provide anything good. Even so, it is like everything, if you are able to consume this type of drink sporadically and at low doses, they will not affect you at all or very little.

The problem is that there are many people of extremes, or white or black, when there is a wide range of grays that will allow you not to necessarily have to give up anything if you are capable of not losing control.

And if you have a drink, the fact of accompanying it with a drink loaded with sugar such as “normal” Coca Cola or doing it with its “light” version has absolutely nothing to do with it.

There are cases in which the fact that it is light does not imply that the food or drink in question is free of calories. In the case of soft drinks, this is not usually the case. If it is light it does not provide calories and if it does not provide calories it will not affect anything in terms of your body composition. It’s that simple.

5- Increase your NEAT. This is another aspect of the guide to keep fit on vacation. Walk, move, maintain an active lifestyle, both on vacation and off. If your excuse is that you don’t have time to go to the gym and spend an hour on the elliptical (neither do I), try to find time to increase your activity in daily activities, such as avoiding taking the elevator, walking everywhere, or parking far away. to force you to walk.

Generally, we meet two types of people. On the one hand, there are those who prefer to lock themselves up at home and spend the holidays to avoid getting out of the routine and falling into temptations. On the other, those who send everything to hell and lose everything that has been worked and achieved during the year (in record time, too).

There is a third group of people, the sensible group. The one who knows that after hard work he has to enjoy what he has achieved, but keeps in shape. Put his physique in a canning jar to open it again in September and improve on what he got before the beach season started.

Because it is clear that you can and should enjoy your holidays, but training and nutrition are not like casino roulette, it is not all red or black, there may be a balance.

Staying is not complicated at all. In fact, resting for a few weeks can push your goal much higher, as slowing down after finishing a demanding training program is beneficial for further progress.

Everything has to be sustainable and have room to enjoy it. Otherwise, you will leave the path sooner or later.


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