Tuesday, December 6, 2022
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343 Industries will fix all critical Halo Infinite issues

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Halo Infinite has been a phenomenon since its launch, with one of the franchise’s most acclaimed campaigns and powerful multiplayer that has delivered hours of fun and competition. However, this has not been without issues, the bugs of which have already been addressed by 343 Industries, who will be fixing critical Halo Infinite issues throughout the updates.

Through the official Halo Infinite blog , the creative head of the game, Joseph Staten, gave numerous details regarding the next multiplayer season, as well as some guidelines that are being followed based on the critical problems that the game has presented. As part of this process, they will open an internal list known as a “Hotlist”, in which week after week they will see the most urgent problems in order to solve them.

343 Industries will fix all critical Halo Infinite issues

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Joseph Staten has detailed the following (translated): “Since the launch of Halo Infinite, we have been carefully tracking and analyzing all critical issues that negatively affect players’ experience with the game and support services. The internal name we have for this process is “Hotlist”. Every week, we update the Hotlist with new insights and review prioritization of issues and progress toward fixes. The Hotlist serves as a vital internal planning tool for our monthly development sprints, as well as the reviews, content updates and seasons we deliver to you.”

Good news for all Halo Infinite players , who have seen their experience somewhat tarnished by the typical bugs that appear in this type of game. Now with this internal base, it will be much faster, easier and more effective to solve all problems, looking for a much more accessible and light game.


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